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IV Sets and Accessories

When it comes to IV safety, you want reliable products that can help protect you, your clinicians and patients from healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Our extensive portfolio of IV sets and accessories may help to protect you from the costs and harm caused by HAI's.

Clinically proven connector technology
Catheters provide a vital lifeline for patients. These patented technologies may help to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) and occlusions when used with clinical practice interventions.
When choosing products to protect your patients, consider the achieved and sustained results.

Broad portfolio to meet every clinical need
Our award-winning SmartSite® needle-free valve helps enhance clinician and patient safety by helping to prevent needle-stick injuries. Our technology helps standardise Y-site access for administration, gravity, secondary and extension sets to help reinforce best aseptic and other practices.
The SmartSite needle-free valve also partners with the Texium® closed male Luer to form a safe, closed system to protect you from exposure to hazardous medications.

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