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enFlow™ fluid warming system

Deliver the right temperature to the right place, at the right time

The enFlow™ fluid warming system rapidly and automatically warms blood, blood products and IV solutions up to 40 °C, helping prevent hypothermia. By warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed, the enFlow system can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients.



The system automatically warms fluids to 40 ± 2 °C with multiple sensors to ensure fluid temperature accuracy.



The small single-patient-use cartridge remains in-line for continous patient warming, across the care continuum.



Easy to use, the system rapidly warms fluids to the temperature set point, so you do not need to wait on warming.

enFlow™ system interactive tour

The enFlow system brings accuracy, mobility and speed to fluid warming.

enFlow Interactive Tour


enFlow™ interactive tour

Maintain the right temperature - in the right place, at the right time

The enFlow™ IV fluid/blood warming system is an innovative patient fluid warmer that helps maintain normothermia with accuracy, mobility and speed—wherever it is needed. This tour will show you how it provides early and continuous warming to maintain core temperatures across the perioperative care continuum.

The cartridge

The system's unique single-patient-use cartridge can be placed in-line before IV placement and likely without any change to your IV set. This easy access lets you get to work right away, maintaining warming from pre-op to the OR to post-procedure in the PACU.


Cartridge interchangeability

You can easily and conveniently transfer the cartridge from one warming unit to another.


The enFlow™ system in the preoperative environment

Because the enFlow cartridge moves with the patient, you can start warming early-increasing the likelihood of delivering normothermic patients to the OR and PACU.

The system is ideal for pre-op warming because:

  • The disposable cartridge attaches in-line to standard IV fluid/blood delivery sets at the start of procedures, removing the need for additional set-up or tubing.
  • The system works at the right time, right away-in 18 seconds or less, vs. 10 minutes with other fluid warmers1-which means less waiting.
  • The cartridge is easy to place in and remove from the warmer (it cannot be inserted incorrectly), instantly reassuring staff.


  1. Company data: Fluid warming time using 20 °C fluid to achieve 37 °C at 150 mL/min (testing was performed using a 9" extension set and 20 °C distilled water). Vital Signs, 2009.

The enFlow™ system in transit

The enFlow system advances mobility and speed in perioperative fluid warming. While moving the patient from pre-op to the OR, you can simply remove the cartridge from the warming unit, allowing the entire IV set to transport with the patient. Once the patient arrives at the next care area, you can insert the cartridge into another warming unit right away, to start heating fluid within seconds.

The enFlow system optimally warms patients on the move because:

  • The cartridge can remain in-line, keeping the IV set from exposure to potential infection, whether the fluid is warming or not.
  • The warmer can operate in any orientation.
  • The warming unit and power source are highly durable, having passed the most robust military testing standards.


  1. Mahoney, C., Odum, J. Maintaining intraoperative normothermia: A meta-analysis of outcomes with costs. AANA Journal, April 1999, 67(2):155–164.

The enFlow™ system in the OR

Maintaining the right patient temperature during surgery requires overcoming a number of obstacles: cold IV solutions, fasting before surgery, cold OR environments, extreme age, and major fluid or blood loss.

The system provides ideal OR warming because:

  • The warmer fits in the palm of your hand and sits close to the patient, minimizing the distance from the end of the warmer to the patient's IV site.
  • Its size is unobtrusive and compatible with infusion pumps or pressure infusers.
  • Its low priming volume (< 4mL) and minimal resistance to fluid flow increases control and reduces waste.1
  • It applies to 98% of patient cases,2 from adult to paediatric or neonatal patients, and from bariatric to ideal weight procedures.


  1. Company data: Disposable cartridge pressure drop—fluid resistance comparison at 12.4 mmHg.
  2. Sessler, D., Kurz, A. Mild perioperative hypothermia. Anesthesiology News, September 2007, 1–12.

The enFlow™ system for effective recovery

With the enFlow system, you can confidently help patients maintain the right temperature in the right place at the right time-upon entry to the OR, during transition to the PACU and upon discharge from the PACU.

The system works well in the PACU and beyond because:

  • The warmer incorporates a layer that transfers heat effectively, preventing hot spots associated with other dry heat warmers.
  • The enFlow cartridge can be used for 24 hours of continuous patient warming.
  • The single-patient-use cartridge does not use membranes, which can get clogged when blood is infused.

enFlow instructional videos

enFlow system

Watch this series of short videos demonstrating the differentiated features and benefits of enFlow.

enFlow™ system at work

The enFlow™ fluid warming system works across the care continuum.

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