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3100A High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

The 3100A HFOV is the only high-frequency oscillatory ventilator approved in the U.S. for early intervention in treating neonatal...


3100B High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

Our 3100B High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator provides high-performance mechanical ventilation for adult and paediatric (> 35 kg)...


Achieve™ Programmable Automatic Biopsy Needle

The lightweight, automated Achieve biopsy system offers spring-loaded action for fast, accurate penetration while giving you the...


Adjustable Coaxial Temno™ Biopsy Needle

The Adjustable Coaxial Temno (ACT) biopsy device lets you manipulate the sample notch size from 9 mm to 19 mm for precise control with...


Advantage Series Full Face Mask

Advantage series full face masks from BD features a triple seal, designed to offer three levels of leak protection and adapt to your...


Advantage Series Nasal Mask

The Advantage series nasal mask from BD gives you feature-rich options with a small footprint.


AirLife™ Brand Misty Finity™ Continuous Nebulizer

Misty Finity™ nebulizers, from BD, add to the benefits of continuous nebulization therapy with reliable, flexible and consistent...


AirLife™ Brand Misty Max 10™ Disposable Nebulizer

The AirLife™ Misty Max 10™ is an economical disposable nebulizer that effectively delivers treatment to a wide range of patients.


AirLife™ Bypass HME Technology

AirLife™ Bypass HME technology from BD allows you to deliver aerosolized medication treatments without breaking the ventilator circuit....


AirLife™ Closed Suction System

The AirLife™ Closed Suction System from BD features the Verso™ adapter, the most versatile adapter for safe and simple access to your...


Alaris™ Auto-ID module

BD offers a flexible and scalable approach to IV barcoding with the Alaris™ Auto-ID module.


Alaris™ CC Plus Syringe Pump with Guardrails™ Safety Software

The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump from BD, delivers exclusive capabilities for significant bedside advantages. Among these is an in-line...


Alaris™ EMR interoperability

Alaris EMR interoperability addresses infusion errors as the most potentially harmful medication errors 1 while streamlining other...


Alaris™ Enteral Syringe Pump

Designed to deliver nutrition efficiently, the Alaris™ Enteral syringe pump includes a large quick-to-read screen, intuitive keyboard,...


Alaris™ EtCO2 module

The Alaris™ EtCO 2 module brings continuous respiratory monitoring to all patient care areas with an easy-to-use technology that is...


Alaris™ Gateway Workstation

Today’s smart infusion systems require smart connectivity and integration solutions. BD’s products have the capability to integrate...


Alaris™ GH Plus Syringe Pump with Guardrails™ Safety Software

The Alaris™ GH Plus syringe pump from BD, delivers benefits through comprehensive therapy functionalities and the Guardrails™ safety...


Alaris™ GP Plus Volumetric Pump with Guardrails™

The Alaris™ GP Plus volumetric pump with Guardrails™ safety software, offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood...


Alaris™ GW Volumetric Pump

The space saving design of the Alaris GW® volumetric pump offers many real clinical benefits for the safe delivery of intravenous...


Alaris™ Infusion Central

Alaris™ Infusion Central is a leading software package helps staff to check and manage your ward’s infusions on your computer or tablet.

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