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Achieve™ Programmable Automatic Biopsy Needle

The lightweight, automated Achieve biopsy system offers spring-loaded action for fast, accurate penetration while giving you the...


Adjustable Coaxial Temno™ Biopsy Needle

The Adjustable Coaxial Temno (ACT) biopsy device lets you manipulate the sample notch size from 9 mm to 19 mm for precise control with...


BD Biodegradable Oesophageal Stent

The BD stent is a fully biodegradable, oesophageal stent. Made from Polydioxanone (PDS) material and is currently indicated as an...


Boubella Oesophageal Stent

A fully covered stainless steel SEMS designed with segmented body and proximal flared segment for excellent radial force and reduced...


CompressAR™ StrongArm SuperComfort™ System

CompressAR™ System is a globally popular, mechanical compression device for femoral artery closure. The device prioritises patient and...


Danis Stent System

The Danis system is a self expanding nitinol stent indicated for the management of acute oesophageal variceal bleeding as an...


Denver Shunts

Peritoneovenous shunting with the exclusive Denver shunt, available only from BD, helps patients retain nutrient rich fluid associated...


Drainage Bags

800ml and 2-litre drainage bags with secure luer lock connection and one-way drainage tap. Provides a closed system to minimise the...


Drain-Guard Fixation Device

A lightweight, easy-to-use and reliable fixation device for percutaneous drainage catheters. Drain-Guard is suitable for use in...


Enterella Colorectal Stent

A highly flexible nitinol stent available either covered or uncovered and with a choice of OTW or TTS delivery systems.


Flexella Plus Oesophageal Stent

A fully covered SEMS made of nitinol material and designed for proximal release (‘push’ delivery system) for accurate placement in the...


HV Plus Oesophageal Stent

A fully covered SEMS made of nitinol material and designed with a unique anti-migration collar at the proximal end.


Illinois Needles

The Illinois needle offers a sharp lancet point that penetrates easily into the bone to help ensure a safe and simple aspiration of...


Neo-Hydro Multi-purpose Drainage Catheter

The Neo-hydro multi-purpose drainage catheter range is suitable for the drainage of ascites, pleural effusion, nephrostomy & abscess...


Nitinella Plus Biliary Stent

A nitinol braided biliary stent available with optional silicone covering and endoscopic or transhepatic delivery. Designed for the...


NOVA V-Gripp Variceal Ligation System

The NOVA V-Gripp is a uniquely designed variceal band ligation system. It is straightforward to set up and offers the ability to...


Original Jamshidi™ Needle

The original Jamshidi needle offers features that have made this bone marrow biopsy/aspiration needle a best-seller for decades.


PleurX™ Catheter System

The PleurX™ catheter system features a tunneled catheter and easy-to-use vacuum bottles that allow patients or their caregivers to...


Safe-T-Centesis™ Drainage system

Our advanced device brings together a number of innovations. This revolutionary drainage system is designed to reduce the risks...


Standard Thoracentesis / Paracentesis device

Our standard device provides a safe, strong, supple fluid path, excellent specimen retrieval and therapeutic drainage. It features a...

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