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Surveillance and Analytics

Leveraging your device and HIT investments to deliver information when and where it's needed

Surveillance and Analytics

While hospitals have made significant investments in healthcare information technology (HIT) and medical devices, information gaps still exist that can increase risk and reduce operational efficiency. BD has the unique ability to help hospitals minimize risk and leverage their HIT and device investments to help provide caregivers with the information they need, when and where they need it.

BD Coordination Engine  

The BD Coordination Engine (CCE) integrates BD technologies and HIT systems. By drawing on clinical and administrative expertise, it provides a single platform to support a hospital or multiple facilities within an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN).
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Med Analytics for Pyxis MedStation™ system  

BD leverages your Pyxis™ medication dispensing data to identify potential diversion, optimize inventory and support compliance and accreditation efforts.
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Integrated Analytics Solutions  

Our integrated analytics solutions innovatively integrate our devices while delivering analytics to help you streamline processes, optimize systems and reduce costs.
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Infusion Analytics Service  

BD delivers a clear perspective of Alaris™ System data and Guardrails™ software alerts in order to continually evaluate patient safety practices, monitor adherence to hospital guidelines and support compliance and accreditation efforts.
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