Knowledge Portal for infusion technologies

Use actionable intelligence that can help improve clinical practice, patient care and alarms management

Knowledge Portal for infusion technologies provides a single intuitive web-based data source for all infusion modalities. It wirelessly collects data from the BD Alaris™ System, which you can examine for trends that may require updates in Guardrails™ software datasets and drug and fluid libraries.

Actionable intelligence

Full infusion data, snapshot and historic reports, charts and trending data help identify key areas for improvement.

Easy, anywhere web access

Any number of users can use Knowledge Portal to remotely and securely access infusion data without installing software.

Clinical knowledge

Executive summary and detailed activities let you identify key focus areas and drill down for infusion history details.

Key performance indicators (KPI)

Customizable reports and 26 KPIs let you benchmark individual facilities and IDNs, and monitor performance and compliance.

Alarms management

It helps meets The Joint Commission 2014 National Patient Safety Goals on alarm management and alarm reduction.

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